Turbocharger series parts list
ABB Ship turbocharger and spare parts
KBB Ship turbocharger and spare parts
MITSUBISHI Ship turbocharger and spare parts
MAN B&W Ship turbocharger and spare parts
IHI Ship turbocharger and spare parts
NAPIER Ship turbocharger and spare parts
Ship engine series spare parts

Company Profile

Chengdu Jiayuan Ship Power Co., Ltd. specializes in selling high quality Ship turbocharger parts and assemblies.
We cooperate with the world's top turbocharger manufacturers for a long time, to ensure product quality on the basis of at the same time to meet market demand, the Ship turbocharger parts provided by the following brands: ABB; KBB; MAN B&W; Mitsubishi; IHI; Napier and other series 
Parts include: Turbine Bearings - Complete, Turbine Bearings - Complete, Oil seal, Turbine housing, Compressor housing, Totor, Turbine nozzle ring, Plain bearing bush, Gasket set, Cylindrical ring, Thrust ring, Piston ring, O-ring gasket, bolt, Cap nut, nut, Locking plate, repair kit etc. 
Professional manufacturing from technical research and development to the selection of raw materials, CNC machine tools; overspeed test; friction welding; three-coordinate testing; rotor dynamic balance test; equipment quality testing, etc. are in strict accordance with international industry standards.
The power ranges from 280kw to 35000kw, rotational speed: 55000 (1/min); discharge temperature 500°C. Its performance has been constantly tested in various harsh environments to meet the needs of various working conditions. It improves the efficient operation of the engine and saves fuel at the same time, meets the Ship discharge standards, and ensures that the equipment is in the best operating condition for a long time.
First-class quality, in line with international and domestic Shipbuilding standards, the whole machine can provide all kinds of classification societies' certificates.
We provide after-sales service on the basis of continuous improvement of turbocharger quality to meet the market demand in different environments.